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Festival Perang Topat 2019 of West Lombok, This is How It Looks Two guy attack each other using local traditional weapon at Festival Perang Topat 2019. (Picture by : Humas Lombok Barat/TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESMOJOKERTO, LOMBOK BARAT – The local government of West Lombok just held the Festival Perang Topat (Ketupat War) 2019 along with the Pujawali Pura Lingsar (a mass praying by Hindu) on Wednesday (11/12/2019).

Topat or Ketupat is a type of dumpling made from rice packed inside a diamond-shaped container of woven palm leaf pouch originating in Indonesia.

Beside the festival and mass praying, several events such as peserean, live painting, cilokak (a local traditional music) were also presented to the audience.

A mass praying by moslem were also conducted after all the ceremony done. In the evening, there will be a Kelilingan Kao (buffalo parade) ritual which followed by all the community in West Lombok. All the community from any different religion with walk side by side.

On this event the most beautiful fat buffalo will be prepared by the local government and each side of the rope will be hold by a figure from both religion (the Hindu and Muslim). This shows how big is the tolerance between one another religion on the area.

"And tonight we will also hold gandrung dance performance and a puppet show by Lalu Nasib," Hj. Lale Prayatni, the Acting in Manager of The Local Tourism Department of West Lombok said on Tuesday (10/12/2019).

Still according to her, the Ketupat war will become the peak event that end all the chain event. The Mayor of West Lombok himself will start the war by throwing the ketupat to any of the audience at the Festival Perang Topat. (*)

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